Uninteresting sewing

30 July 2014

This blog was originally created as a sewing blog but there hasn’t been much sewing on here recently!

Life gets so busy and, to be honest, not all sewing projects deserve blog space. They may be stuff you have made before, they may have not turned out quite right or you just haven’t got much to say about them.


This is true of my two most recent projects, but to prove there is some sewing going on, here they are.


My new skirt, made with from an old adapted pattern (Vogue 9148) with some olive green Linen from here and a bit of lace on the pocket. Practical.

Then there’s my new African top.


Made from a bit of fabric someone brought on holiday that only just stretched to make this top from pattern Simplicity 8523.


Here’s to all those slightly boring but practical sewing projects that don’t set the world on fire but need to get made!

I am working on some more interesting Ottobre shorts for my daughter and will blog soon. My first ever Fly fastening..