31 August 2012

Eight years ago, my eldest started school. Here she is on her first day:

first day at school

You might notice in the photo that she’s holding a funny spotty cone-shaped thing – it’s a “schultüte”. My wonderful German friend introduced me to this great German tradition. In Germany, on the first day a child starts school, they are given one of these cones, full of goodies.

Next week, my youngest is starting school, so I thought I’d revive the tradition in my household, and make her a schultüte. And since my middle daughter is starting a new school, I thought I should make her one too… and I didn’t want to leave out my eldest, so I’ve ended up making three!!!

I cut three quarter-circles out of three sheets of thick-ish A2 paper. I waited ’til my girls were in bed, and then I got out their paints!…


The paint dried pretty quick and I rolled the cones up, then stuck tissue paper round the top (there are no photos of this bit – fiddly and sticky!)

I filled the cones with bits and pieces – stationery which should be handy for school, a pretty scarf for my eldest, stickers for the little one, and some gingham hair accessories for my middle daughter (including the gingham button bands I  blogged about here which will match her new school dress) … and a few other little treats.

Then I tied the schultüte up with ribbon. These ones pretty big – the cones are about 40cm tall and the tissue paper another 40cm – so 80cm! It was difficult finding someplace to hide them, but hopefully I’ve put them somewhere they won’t be found before the big day next week!