Rush Mat

27 July 2014


I’m feeling really good about this little mat that I made out of rushes growing by my local stream. It feels quite empowering to me to be able to make something useful from start to finish and with no money involved at any stage. It is beautifully textured and even smells wonderful (subtle seaweed aroma).


If anyone is interested in making one, here are the simple steps I followed.


Cut the rushes growing at the side of the stream – this would be better done from a boat but I don’t have one of those.


Leave them to dry for a couple of weeks. I left them in my garage which is quite draughty, so air would have been circulating, alternatively I have read you can leave in a bundle propped against a hedge.

Spray with water to dampen them and leave overnight to ‘mature’.

Plat them together, then spiral the plat around, sewing with strong thread as you go along.


Simple and satisfying.