Ottobre Minnie Mouse shorts

3 August 2014

Some new shorts – and just in time for shorts on the line!


I made these shorts from the latest Ottobre magazine (Summer 2014) for my 8 year old daughter.

They are made in cotton with some stretch and the fit needs to be tight so they stay up! My daughter likes them but is not sure if they are too short. They are quite short.


It was my first fly zipper! The instructions were quite good but I wasn’t sure what I was doing till it was finished (sort of like a magic trick!). There are lots of nice details.


I like the double lines of top stitching, and all the pockets are great.


I’m not sure whether to try and add a bit to the bottom to make them longer for her but maybe we just need to wait for some really hot weather?

I can recommend the pattern to anyone who’s kids like short shorts and make sure you make them in a fabric with stretch.