Nest tutorial

2 August 2013

owl nest

Here is how we made our cosy owl nest.

First I got two pipe cleaners, cut them in half and twisted them in the middle to make the frame.

pipe cleaner frame

Then we got some wool and started weaving it front and then back of the pipe cleaners, round in a circle. We had two different strands of wool and alternated them when we felt like a change.

nest half done

When we got to the rounded bit we had to switch techniques and start winding the wool round each pipe cleaner (take it round the back of pipe cleaner, wind it clockwise then onto the next pipe cleaner).

nest almost finished

To finish I just tied the wool onto the last pipe cleaner. Then we bent the ends of the pipe cleaners over to secure the wool.

baby owls in their nest

Voila … a nest! You could alter the size or even make into a basket by adding handles. This one was our first attempt and made jointly with my 7 year old so you can see how easy it was to complete.