Making Bees from Alder cones

18 March 2014

Alder cones are like mini pinecones with so many possibilities for crafts! We have been using them to make bees.

Alder bee hanging

You can find the cones still about from the autumn. We have started spotting the odd bee buzzing around so it feels like a timely craft.

bee with leaf wings

Here are the simple instructions; Wind some yellow or orange wool around your Alder cone,

alder cone

you could try and create stripes or just be random like us.

winding wool around bee

We tie the ends together leaving a long tail for hanging the bee (try and finish with the wool in the middle of the bee so it hangs nicely).

Next add the wings. Sycamore seeds are great but you can use anything wing shaped that you find (leaves, sticks..), or even make them from paper or cut out some plastic from an old bottle/pot. You can add a little glue to make sure they stay in place.

close up of Alder bee

Finally you could add some antenna if you like, we used super thin twigs and dried plant stems.

bees hanging up

They look great hanging up.