Candle dipping tutorial

4 January 2014

These are so satisfying to make. A great project for the depths of winter.

1 candle

You need:

Some beeswax (got mine on ebay)

A jar or tin to melt the wax in (should be thin and tallish. We used a glass babies bottle and a jam jar)

Wick (Also from ebay)

Optional – some old crayons to add colour, or even some turmeric. You could also add some essential oils if you wanted.


You need to melt the wax first. You can’t heat it directly but can add it to a saucepan of water,as we did. Beeswax is the best thing to use as it smells lovely and has a great natural colour.

melting wax

Once melted we added some Tumeric to one (just some dried spice that we use for cooking) as I had read it makes the wax turn a lovely orange colour (it did) and half a blue crayon to the other (this also needs to melt).

** while the wax is melting, prepare an area for the dipping by putting newspaper down and having some cold water to dip the candles in. We put our cold water in some washed-up bean tins. Also prepare a place to hang the candles once finished. We tied some string high enough so the candles wouldn’t trail on the floor and put newspaper under, just incase (but actually they didn’t drip at all) **

Once melted we found we needed to get working straight away. Each child had a length of wick, longer than the intended candles so fingers were never near the hot wax. Dip the wick into the wax. Once out of the wax it cools quickly and you can straighten out the wick (you will find it won’t curl again). Then simply keep dipping into the wax and then dipping into the cold water alternately. You could even do without the cold water and just wait a few seconds. With each dip the candle gets slightly thicker. Don’t leave it in the wax for too long as it might start to melt again.

If you want two colours then you can dip the end of the candle into a different wax pot once it is almost formed.

hanging candles

Hang them up by the wicks to cool down and become totally solid.

plate of candles

We then cut the bottoms flat so we could stand them up.

2 candles

We put ours in jam-jar lids to burn. They burnt quite quickly but without any mess.


Happy candle making!