Button Ponytail Bands

30 August 2012

Fabric covered buttons make colourful and unusual hair bands – they’re easy to make, and there’s little (or possibly no) sewing involved!

button ponytail bands

You will need fabric covered buttons and hair bands. You can either buy the fabric buttons (so no sewing) or get the naked buttons (“self-cover buttons”) and some fabric, and make your own!

self cover buttons, hairbands, fabric

You can buy the self-cover buttons in different sizes, and most sizes work well on hairbands.

First, cut out the template at the back of the pack to the right size for your buttons (this will be larger than your buttons). Have fun selecting fabric! Then draw round the template on your fabric (be sure to centre the template on the part of the fabric’s pattern that you want in the centre of the button. Since I’m making gingham buttons, it doesn’t really matter where I position the template):

drawing round the template

Cut out the circle of fabric.

cutting out circle

Sew round the edge of the circle, in and out (a gathering stitch), leaving enough thread at the beginning so that you can tie a knot at the end.

sewing round the edge

Place the button in the middle of the fabric circle, make sure it’s exactly where you want it

place the button in the fabric circle

Pull the two ends of thread, tie a knot.

pull tight and tie a knot

Place the washer part on the shank and push down (sometimes I push down with a spool of thread, the spool has a handy hole where the shank can go).

attaching the washer

Smooth out the wrinkles round the edge if you have any.

Next, attach the hairband – you can either sew it on:

sewing on the hairband

Or if the hole in the shank is large enough, just push the hairband through…


… then pull the other end through the loop

... then pull

All done!!

button bunchies


so many possibilities!




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