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School FĂȘte Crafting

16 May 2012

stress balls

I have started up a craft group at my children’s primary school to get mums making desirable little objects (we hope!) to raise money for the school at our upcoming summer fete.

We have been trying to think of things cheap and easy to make but that people will want to pay money for – not easy! However, our first meeting was really productive with us making these great colourful squishy stress balls from balloons and rice (they feel very satisfying to squeeze!), some pipecleaner dolls and some great dinosaur fossils.

dinosaur fossils

These dinosaur fossils were really easy, just make some salt dough, shape into circles and make an impression of your children’s dinosaurs (or whatever fave toy). You could use food colouring in your dough but I decided to spray mine gold as I had a bit of gold paint left over (not authentic for fossils I know, but adds sparkle, which is something I always find missing when looking at fossils!!).

All of these are great fun crafts to do at home with your kids also.

Next meeting is next monday so we are all looking forward to sharing more ideas. If you have any good suggestions for what to make for school fete then feel free to share here. I love it when mums get creative! Sibyl x