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Summer potions

22 July 2014

With all the wonderful wild flowers in bloom my mind has been turning to their medicinal uses.


Here are my 2 potions, one red and one blue. They looked so great I had to blog about them.


The red one is St.John’s Wort oil, following a recipe in ‘Hedgerow Medicine‘. Made with the flowers and some olive oil, it’s almost ready to strain. It should be great for aches and pains.

The blue one is a Plantain tincture for insect bites and stings (I’ve been suffering this year).  I found the recipe on this great site and knew I had to try it. I’m usually not keen on tinctures because of the use of alcohol but this one uses cider vinegar. Cider Vinegar is great anyway and I added the plantain leaves, seeds, some red clover and a bit of lavender from the garden.


I love making these natural remedies for my family and it give me a great reason to go out wandering in wild flower meadows.


52 Weeks in nature

20 July 2014

We have had some dramatic weather in the UK this weekend, extreme heat and lots of storms. Not what we are used to.


I took this picture around midnight. This was the only one where I managed to capture a small fork of lightning (if you look closely!). In other nature news, my daughter (who is terrified of spiders) found hundreds of tiny white baby spiders in her cycle helmet.


What an unlikely home.

Snail Post

15 July 2014

We have been getting into snails and it all started when we spotted this little lady


Isn’t she beautiful (and you can store special things in her shell). My kids love her hence her antennae are slightly broken now! When we saw a glass snail we knew we had to add it to our ‘collection’


and I decided to knit a snail following this great pattern


I also came across this great blog for snail lovers with adorable pictures.

So why the interest in snails? They are actually quite a nuisance in our garden and have eaten most of our sunflowers but maybe they are trying to tell us something about slowing down and taking life as it comes? Something I hope we will be starting to do after next wednesday when the summer holidays start (Yeh!)



YouTube Fun

15 July 2014

I really love YouTube, it’s great to be able to show ‘things’ to my kids and to learn new stuff myself. I thought I’d share some things we have been watching.

This has been around for a while but we were watching it again and noticing the next fable is due out August 2014 – something to look out for. If you haven’t watched this yet then please do!

I also downloaded the EP from here. My children think the music is a bit scary and my husband thinks it’s nonsense but I like it! I think it’s atmospheric. What do you think?


Talking of music, I’ve also been enjoying First Aid Kit


I recently discovered all the great Yoga workouts on YouTube as well, here is one of my favourites

Now I must be able to find 10 minutes to do this a couple of times a week!


Finally, someone posted this old clip on Facebook the other day and I got to show my girls all the great skipping. It inspired us to get out into the garden with our skipping ropes.


Are you impressed that I figured out how to embed you-tube clips? I am!