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Slightly Unseasonal Cardi

The weather today has me bringing out a warm cardi… and also reminds me I didn’t blog about this one yet, even though I finished it (according to the photos) back in April. Which seems a more sensible month for a wool/cotton blend…

It’s the Stevie Cardigan, from Rowan Studio 24 – here it is on the model:

Stevie Cardigan from Rowan Studio 24

It was my first ever top-down cardigan. I did find the yoke pattern a bit tricky, although not because it was top-down – but it was so long ago (and so many knitting projects ago!) I’ve forgotten exactly what the problem was…. Anyhow, it looks like I worked it out in the end. Here it is, almost finished…

Slightly unfinished cardi

I say “almost” because after wearing it a few times, I noticed that when I sewed the buttons on, I completely missed the fact that the yoke pattern should match up. Not like this!!:

spot the mistake!

Silly me 🙂

Me in the Stevie

The cardi is a bit smarter than my usual thing. I think it would look nice with a 50s style dress/skirt – but that’s never going to happen here! The yarn (Amy Butler Belle Organic DK) is soft and comfortable to wear. And I’m tempted to knit the short-sleeve version….

A slimy obsession


I have the smallest back “garden”…it’s a little bit of decking, and a little bit of paving slab, squeezed in a narrow gap between the tall walls of my house and my neighbour’s. Plants don’t much like it there. But I’ve been doing my best to make it a cheerful space. For the first time ever, last Autumn I was organised enough to plant some Spring bulbs – in a “bulb lasagne“… First came the crocuses:


Followed by the daffodils:


And as they died down, the tulips appeared:


and faced the sun

a tulip

All in one pot!!

another tulip in another pot, just because I liked the colours

So, now to admit my obsession… I have been going out there every night with a torch and hunting down the slugs and snails. I cannot believe how many there have been in such a small space. And just one slug could decimate all my planting!! Amazingly, they have not found my hosta yet. This hosta completely died back over the winter. I didn’t realise it was meant to do that – and was so pleased when it suddenly started to send out these wonderful green leaves:

the hosta

They are the same beautiful bright and rich spring green as the yarn I’m thinking about knitting with…

Mirasol Miski in Kelly Green

… and look beautiful in the rain too

hosta in the rain

Surely there will be a night when I go out and the slugs and snails are all gone? But for now, they just keep coming… I think they are all lurking under the decking, waiting for the juicy tulip petals to drop down. And I, a mad lady with a torch, will hunt them down… and transfer them to the front garden where they can eat my hedge as much as they like in the company of the five different bins my local council provides for all the different types of waste I generate. No space for any plants there!!

A Peg Doll Day

Making Peg Dolls by Margaret Bloom

I came across the book “Making Peg Dolls” by Margaret Bloom a little while ago. It’s a lovely book, filled with ideas for making beautiful little people from little wooden “pegs” (I got mine on e-bay, here). One morning my daughters woke up and decided they just had to make peg dolls… and that’s what they did, all day!

In amongst getting on with some chores, I joined in. Some ideas we copied straight from the book – Flower Person, Bee and Owl:

flower person, bee, owl

Tomato, Radish, Peas in a Pod and Toadstool:

tomato, radish, peas and toadstool!

Acorn and (purple!) Dandelion:

Acorn and Dandelion

and some we made up ourselves, including Forget-me-not and Primrose people:

Primroses and Forget-Me-Nots

It was very addictive! There are some lovely ideas in the book – for seasonal people, and fairytale characters. I’m sure we’ll be making more, next time there’s a rainy day. And my girls are busy making a shoe box stage for a peg doll performance!

Peerie Flooers

In the Easter holidays we made a trip to Wales. During the days we enjoyed waterfalls and mountains…

a mountain in Wales

…and in the evenings I really enjoyed NOT connecting to the internet, and getting on with some knitting (and a bit of reading too)!


I took two projects with me… a straightforward cardigan, and the Peerie Flooers hat. Although I was so pleased to have a break from being online while I was away, it meant I could only tackle the middle section of the hat – I needed the internet for advice on starting off and finishing!! Hence the need for the straight-forward-cardigan-project too.

It was my first proper attempt at Fair Isle and I followed this online tutorial. It shows a two-handed fair isle technique – at first it felt like holding a pencil in the wrong hand!

peerie flooers hat - finished!

I also didn’t understand the chart for the crown decreases at all, but luckily Kate Davies has written about this on her blog, here. The crown looks amazing when it’s done.

peerie flooers - the crown

I soaked the hat as instructed and squeezed the water out with a towel… but didn’t block it properly as I was too keen to put it on my head! So I might get round to doing that eventually as the crown is still a little wibbly-wobbly.

more peerie flooers

Usually I’m keen on warmer weather, but I’m enjoying my hat so much I’d like it to be cooler a little longer…

A Hat

Time for a new hat! I’ve been wearing the same one for at least five years and decided it was time to add another hat to the mix… not least because of the panic that ensues when I can’t find my hat. There must surely be more chance of finding a hat if I have two…?

"Wurm" - a hat

I used the same Jaeger Matchmaker Merino DK as I used for my recent scarf. The pattern I used is “Wurm“, a free download which caught my eye on Ravelry. And I love it! Although the weather has been warm, there’s still a chill in the air in the morning and evening and so my hat has had plenty of use already.

Wurm - side view

In fact I’m quite loath to take it off… there’s something very comforting about a woolly hat.

Having a "wurm" on your head is a worrying thought...

I’m enjoying having a choice of hat so much I decided to make another… this new one is fair isle, something I’m a bit of a beginner at. There would be a photo, only I’ve just ripped it all out as I think the tension is wrong. Off to cast on again…

…if you have a favourite hat pattern, I’d love to hear it!