52 weeks in Nature Lammas

1 August 2014

I’ve lost track, is it week 31?

This week is the old festival of Lammas which is the fruit harvest. Fittingly I have been harvesting fruit!


I’ve picked my first blackberries of the season.


And our plum tree has a magnificent harvest this year – the best ever (usually it has 2 or 3 plums!)

DSC03228 DSC03226

There is something magical about growing your own fruit. I have made a plum chutney already, using a recipe from the wonderful book ‘Festivals, Families and Food‘ which I cannot recommend enough.


Away from fruit, I noted lots of beautiful fluffy downy feathers dotted around our lawn.


And I spotted some young blue tits hopping up and down a tree, mostly hidden by the vines growing up it, eating the insects on the trunk. Couldn’t photograph this but it was a wonderful thing to see.